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Bridget Davies


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Who’s Ms. Davies?

Bachelor’s Degree: Belmont University 2016

As a student, the teachers that I have had in my life impacted me greatly, creating a lasting impression that inspired my desire to teach.  When working with these adults I felt that I had an important voice and something to contribute, both in our class and in the world.  Even when I was having a bad day, seeing these teachers made me understand that I was welcome in our school and that I was a part of our community.  

My desire as a teacher is to show my students that they matter.  Each student brings with them a set of unique and meaningful set of skills, talents, and capabilities.  As a teacher, it is my job to celebrate each student, facilitate students working and learning together, and provide an environment in which my students can not only grow but flourish.  My motto for my students is “teamwork makes the DREAM work”- each student must be cherished and supported in order to do their best work and accomplish our goals!

I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and am very close to my family, but Portland has welcomed me warmly and I love being here!  I received my bachelor’s degree in music education and play the viola.  My favorite hobbies include reading, playing music with friends, listening to KMHD, and cooking/EATING good food.  

Go Otters!