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15840 SE Taylor
Portland, OR 97233

503-762-3207 • FAX 503-762-3237

Absentee Call Line 503-762-7339 Please call for every absence.

Absences Add Up!

Missing just 2 days a month means a child misses 10% of the school year.

Help your child succeed in school, school success goes hand in hand with good attendance.

                                                                Staff Directory



Admin/Office Staff Name Email Phone
Principal Jeb Hubbs jeb_hubbs@csd28j.org 503-762-3207 ext.7310
Assistant Principal Christina Anderson christina_anderson@csd28j.org 503-762-3207 ext.4672
Lead Secretary Jill Moss jill_moss@csd28j.org 503-762-3207 ext.4702
Secretary Gayle Speer gayle_speer@csd28j.org 503-762-3207 ext.4701
Nurse Robin Lazuran robin_lazuran@csd28j.org 503-762-3207 ext.4706
Counselor Janine Estell-Steppe janine_estellsteppe@csd28j.org 503-762-3207 ext.7311
Classroom Teachers Name Email Phone
Kindergarten Ashley Fulbright ashley_fulbright@csd28j.org 503-762-3207 ext.4750
  Rina Salas seferina_salas@csd28j.org 503-762-3207 ext.4748
Tammy Hanel tamera_hanel@csd28j.org 503-762-3207 ext.4751




First Grade Lynna Lopez lynna_lopez@csd28j.org 503-762-3207 ext.4754
  Melinda Thomas

(Megan Downey)



503-762-3207 ext.4752




Second Grade Debra Nash debra_nash@csd28j.org 503-762-3207 ext.4756
  Jennifer Lovely jennifer_lovely@csd28j.org 503-762-3207 ext.4753




Third Grade Rochele Roden rochele_roden@csd28j.org 503-762-3207 ext.4737
  Holly Phillips holly_phillips@csd28j.org 503-762-3207 ext.7319




Fourth Grade Tawny Pinz tawny_pinz@csd28j.org 503-762-3207 ext.4742
  Erin Gilbert erin_gilbert@csd28j.org 503-762-3207 ext.4744




Fifth Grade Taylor Fast taylor_fast@csd28j.org 503-762-3207 ext.4741
  Michelle Tursi michelle_tursi@csd28j.org 503-762-3207 ext.4743




Sixth Grade Rachel Ernstrom rachel_ernstrom@csd28j.org 503-762-3207 ext.4740
  Stefani Hui stefani_hui@csd28j.org 503-762-3207 ext.4738




Certified Name Email Phone
ELA Coach Sherrie Kendall sherrie_kendall@csd28j.org 503-762-3207 ext.4770
ELL Molly Guyot molly_guyot@csd28j.org 503-762-3207 ext.4757
ELL Greg Wilson gregory_wilson@csd28j.org 503-762-3207 ext.4758
Math Coach Sarah Schmidt sarah_schmidt@csd28j.org 503-762-3207 ext.4759
Music Bridget Davies bridget_davies@csd28j.org 503-762-3207 ext.4770
P.E. Jeremy Deale alex_grandjean@csd28j.org 503-762-3207 ext.4771
Speech Pathologist Shani Herstein shani_herstein@csd28j.org 503-762-3207 ext.4760
SPED Micah Gorans micah_gorans@csd28j.org 503-762-3207 ext.4761
SPED Sara Bo-Linn sara_bolinn@csd28j.org 503-762-3207 ext.4761
School Psychologist Ingrid Surette ingrid_surette@csd28j.org 503-762-3207 ext.7317
Title I Reading Specialist Karissa Fuchs karissa_fuchs@csd28j.org 503-762-3207 ext.4755
Title I Reading Specialist Katie Stengle katie_stengle@csd28j.org 503-762-3207 ext.4755
Classified Name Email Phone
Bilingual Liaison Norma Mardini norma_mardini@csd28j.org 503-762-3207 ext.7298
Chef Connie Snively connie_snively@csd28j.org 503-762-3207 ext.7315
Head Custodian Dean Snively dean_snively@csd28j.org 503-762-3207 ext.7314
Custodian José Mares joseg_mares@csd28j.org 503-762-3207 ext.7314
Educational Assistant Kristi Auvil kristi_auvil@csd28j.org none
Educational Assistant Angela Davis angela_davis@csd28j.org none
Educational Assistant Davari Harrison davari_harrison@csd28j.org none
Educational Assistant Julie Zimmerman julie_zimmerman@csd28j.org none
Educational Assistant Erin Andrews erin_andrews@csd28j.org none
Educational Assistant Elliot Coulombe elliott_coulombe@csd28j.org none
Educational Assistant TBD
Educational Assistant TBD
Kitchen Staff Hiam Hadeed hiam_hadeed@csd28j.org 503-762-3207 ext.7315
Kitchen Staff Jonni Mazza joni_mazza@csd28j.org 503-762-3207 ext.7315
Kitchen Staff Leilani Warren leilani_warren@csd28j.org 503-762-3207 ext.7315
Library Media Assistant Keyara Brestel keyara_brestel@csd28j.org 503-762-3207 ext.4705
Records Manager Brooke Tovey brooke_tovey@csd28j.org 503-762-3207 ext.4704
Title 1 E.A. Diane Jones diane_jones@csd28j.org 503-762-3207 ext.4755
Agency Name Email Phone
FLS Greg Olin golin@mesd.k12.or.us 503-762-3207 ext.7318
MECP Corie Thorson corie_thorson@ddsd40.org 503-256-6500 ext.5731
Trillium Georgine Christensen gchristensen@trilliumfamily.org 503-762-3207 ext.4745
Trillium Dana Shadburne dshadburne@trilliumfamily.org 503-762-3207 ext.7322
REAP Malik Shaw maliks@reapusa.org 503-762-3207 ext.4739
REAP Miles Logan milesl@reapusa.org 503-762-3207 ext.4739
SUN School Desiree Gutierrez desireeg@mfs.email 503-762-3207 ext.4764