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SEGway is our science and language curriculum that empowers students to use language effectively to access academic content and understand their world.

What is SEGway?

SEGway instruction combines challenging academic standards in Science and English Language Proficiency with research-based teaching strategies.

In SEGway, students participate in complex engaging tasks that support brain development and help them practice language and science at the same time.

Science: Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) emphasize science and engineering practices, scientific concepts and systems, and science’s “big ideas”.

EnglishEnglish Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS) focus on the academic and social English students need in order to succeed in Math, English Language Arts, and Science.

GLAD (Guided Language Acquisition Design): GLAD teaching strategies help students learn academic content and language together. GLAD strategies are research-based, interactive, and culturally sensitive.    

  • All elementary students in grades 1-5 will attend SEGway class for 40 minutes a day, 3 days a week.
  • Kindergarteners will have SEGway for 30 minutes a day, 4 days a week.
  • All students will learn science and academic language with grade-level peers who have diverse language backgrounds and levels of proficiency in English. 
  • Each elementary school will have a specialist who consults with teachers to promote research-based teaching strategies for all learners.
  • Teachers will receive professional development through out the year.
  • English Language Development (ELD) teachers will teach SEGway in their own classrooms.
  • Students who qualify for ELD services will receive them through SEGway class. 
  • Newcomers will receive additional English language acquisition support 4-5 times a week