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Erin Gilbert


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Tawny Pinz


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Erin Gilbert

Bachelor’s Degree: University of California Santa Cruz 2007

Master’s Degree: Concordia University 2015

Why I Teach: I teach because I love getting to know kids and be a part of their learning. I teach because it is my calling and I feel at happy doing it. I teach because children give me hope, and I love being surrounded by potential. Last, I teach because I believe it is such a privilege to have the right to educate and create an environment and community that supports all learners as human beings.

My Favorite Things: I love my dog, Flora and she keeps me super busy. I’m pretty crafty and I like to work on projects, this summer I made my first quilt!  I also enjoy spending time with my friends and family, especially outside in nature. I love hiking and biking,too.

A little more about me: After I graduated from UCSC I taught art for 3 years and then I studied fashion design. I can actually make clothes and patterns, but who has time for that when there is teaching to do! As I studied fashion design I realized it wasn’t the right career for me, so I left school. I sold vintage clothes, did contract sewing jobs and became a nanny. Through working with kids again I realized how strong my love of educating youth was, and soon found myself pursuing a Masters in Teaching. Now, here I am teaching and educating youth, a challenging, and joyful experience that will keep me learning for years to come.


Tawny Pinz

I earned my Bachelor’s Degree from Portland State University and my Master’s Degree in Teaching from Concordia University. I grew up in Gresham, and went to Barlow High School. I will forever be a proud Portland girl. Growing up, I always wanted to be a teacher and travel, and I got to have both for 5 years! I taught for 2 years in Brazil and for 3 years in Turkey after graduating from college. After 5 years abroad I decided to come home and work in the community I grew up in. I love spending time with my friends and family, biking, boating, water skiing, shopping, and I have the best dog in the world, a little Schnoodle named Otis!


Who is Ms. Schnapp?

I earned my undergraduate degree in Organizational Communication from the University of Portland in 2011. I spent the next few years doing wedding/event marketing planning, and sales. I realized this wasn’t the career path for me and began working after school care and preschool. I went to pursue my Master of Arts in Teaching from the University of Portland. I spent the 2016-2017 school year teaching second grade, and there 2017-2018 year teaching 5th grader here at Oliver. I now have the opportunity to be teaching an amazing group of 4th graders.

I moved to Oregon in 2001 with my family from Boston, Massachusetts. I love sports and am an intense New England Patriots fan, along with the Blazers and Red Sox.  I am an avid skier and grew up a competitive ski racer, retiring my racing career in 2008. I have a goofy high energy labradoodle.