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Certified Staff

Certified Name Email Phone
ELA Coach Sherrie Kendall sherrie_kendall@csd28j.org 503-762-3207 ext.4770
ELD Molly Guyot molly_guyot@csd28j.org 503-762-3207 ext.4757
ELD Greg Wilson gregory_wilson@csd28j.org 503-762-3207 ext.4758
Math Coach Sarah Schmidt sarah_schmidt@csd28j.org 503-762-3207 ext.4759
Music Bridget Davies bridget_davies@csd28j.org 503-762-3207 ext.4770
P.E. Jeremy Deale alex_grandjean@csd28j.org 503-762-3207 ext.4771
Speech Pathologist Shani Herstein shani_herstein@csd28j.org 503-762-3207 ext.4760
SPED Micah Gorans micah_gorans@csd28j.org 503-762-3207 ext.4761
SPED Sara Bo-Linn sara_bolinn@csd28j.org 503-762-3207 ext.4761
School Psychologist Ingrid Surette ingrid_surette@csd28j.org 503-762-3207 ext.7317
Title I Reading Specialist Karissa Fuchs karissa_fuchs@csd28j.org 503-762-3207 ext.4755
Title I Reading Specialist Katie Stengle katie_stengle@csd28j.org 503-762-3207 ext.4755

Female staff memberSherrie Kendall, Instructional Coach

Sherrie Kendall is Oliver’s new Instructional coach.  Her passion is literacy.  You will find her supporting classroom teachers, modeling lessons in classrooms, and doing everything she can to make sure all of our Otters become Otters who love to read and write.  She has a BA in Elementary Education, a MA in Curriculum and Instruction with a Literacy focus, and holds two Reading Endorsements.  

Shani Herstein, Speech-Language Pathologist

Bachelor’s Degree: The George Washington University, Washington, DC 2007

Master’s Degree: Northwestern University, Chicago 2009

Why I’m an SLP:  Communication is in everything that we do!  Communication doesn’t just help us understand academics in the classroom, it’s vital to forming relationships and day to day living at home and on the playground.  I am a speech-language pathologist because I believe that helping a student with communication skills helps them have an overall better school experience and sets them up to be successful citizens after graduation.

My favorite things:  I have loved to travel my whole life!  When I can’t travel, I enjoy spending time with my sweet dog, Oliver, my husband, Adam, and our baby daughter, Liana.